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curated mediaworks

Custom Branding, Web Design & Course Platforms

Beautiful, functional, top-tier performance 

For entrepreneurs and business owners

We love design, tech, and helping you put your best

foot forward

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A Boutique creative studio,

We have options for every business and every budget.

Innovative, feature rich websites, e-commerce, course platforms & more.  

Our process is organic:  We want to know about you, and your vision for your business.  Creating a branded site that reflects the best aspects of what you have to offer is our goal. 

We'll help you level up.

  • Is your brand in need of a refresh? Does your current website give your visitors the wrong impression about the quality of your business?

  • Are you feeling a little embarrassed about customers visiting your website and find yourself explaining that you're "about to redo it"?

  • Is your site and branding scheme outdated and inefficient, negatively impacting the user experience?

If you've answered "Yes" to any of these questions, it's time for a change.

We're The Fixers

What We Do

Level up your brand, website, and online presence.  We only take on a few projects at a time, so that we can devote the right amount of attention to your project.  You will have our attention and focus.  Our team members are all experienced entrepreneurs - we're business owners just like you, so we know  the challenges you face every day.  

We will work together to figure out who your competitors are, what your goals are, and who you're trying to impress (your market segment).  From there, we start creating and building on online space for you that is focused, visually appealing, and reflective of your brand and business.  

Our goal as experienced, intuitive designers is to create a modern showcase for your business that will capture the attention of your customers and instill confidence in your brand.  

What We Do




Form, function, & style

Something for every business & budget

Stand out from the others with a site that reflects your brand's personality



Full LMS & online course setup with SSO

Get your course content up and running on a simple platform or

scalable & branded

course portal




Start selling online with your customized store front, shopping cart, & payment portal

An online retail experience that doesn't look like all the other online stores




Websites that function and look good across multiple platforms


Optimized keyword loaded websites focused on Google Adwords to optimize organic search results


SSL certified sites to ensure safety and security for your business and clients


We make sure your site functions and looks good on mobile devices


We put a lot of thought into how your customers will interface with and experience your site


Google algorithms favor easy, fast to load applications - so, speedy it is!


Conversion driven design with calls to action to promote sales/lead conversions


To convey the message and feel of your business. Custom logo design available with most packages

Options?  No Problem

Just a few ideas for you...

  • Animated elements

  • Full width video banners & backgrounds

  • Custom color palette

  • Slideshow, collage, stylized galleries

  • Maps

  • Chat box

  • Music

  • Downloads

  • Calendars & booking

  • Store/ e-commerce

  • Payment buttons (incl. Paypal)

  • Your video content embedded in your site

  • Stock images and videos

  • Member portals

  • Site search

  • Sticky scroll menus

  • Hover boxes

  • Community forums

  • Event management for tickets & RSVP

  • Document embeds for downloads

  • Embedded calculator

  • Testimonials

  • Pricing plans

  • Custom Integrations

  • Sell downloads & subscriptions

  • Blog

  • Instagram feed

  • Social media 

  • Email

  • Payment portal

  • Online Course portals

  • Pop-ups/lightboxes

  • Custom forms

  • Custom header, footer & page anchors

Portfolio Samples



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Curated Mediaworks is boutique digital design and marketing studio.  We take pride in helping our clients achieve their goals.  We have worked with

businesses ranging from industrial and interior design firms, media relations agencies, construction companies, home and garden retailers, yoga/fitness studios, schools, online educational institutions, chocolatiers, restaurants, and more.

We start with a brief complimentary 20 minute call.  From there, if you'd like to work with us, select a package and we'll set up an in depth call to discuss your needs and goals before we get started building and creating for you.  It's that simple!

Schedule your 20 minute call

It's on us!

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Feel free to contact us with your questions, inquiries, and comments, or to schedule your 20 minute complimentary call.*  We'd love to hear from you!

*Currently, we are scheduling calls between 9am and 7pm Pacific Time

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